Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Girl Crush

by K

I'm procrastinating about the things I actually need to get done at work today by blogging, stalking other blogs and checking my Facebook every 4 and a half minutes. Call it some form of adult senioritis but I am DYING to get out of here for winter break, which is sick considering I was just off for nearly a week on vacation. I'm working a grand total of 12 days in the entire month of December so I'm certainly not complaining, but still...

(Sidenote - yes, we get winter break at work. We're lucky like that. We are also screwed when we get jobs someday where winter break is something reserved for schoolchildren and mental health days are laughed at.)

So, since this blog is supposed to somehow be about discovering ourselves and all that jazz, I thought I'd write a little something about how I am fairly certain I will NEVER "find" a personal style that I am happy with. I'm a girl trapped in a boyish figure that would rather be wearing fleece pj pants and my boyfriend's hoodie than anything remotely cute... but then I stumble on blogs like the one I've been scrolling through today and I find myself wishing I had even the slightest idea on how to put together a "stylish" outfit, and then wishing I had the confidence to walk out of the house without fear that I look like an idiot.

Meet Kendi Lea, the genius behind Kendi Everyday - my new favorite blog find. From the moment I read her little mini bio, I knew I'd love everything else she had to say - "People think that when you get married and move to a small town, that you should get pregnant. I started a blog. (it's a girl)."

And, I was right. I am LOVING Kendi's blog, where she writes (among other things) about "30 for 30" - a blogger challenge she takes part in every once in awhile that involves picking just 30 items from your closet and remixing them day after day to create 30 outfits. Just the thought of that gives me a slight panic attack, but Kendi just finished a challenge recently and I'm obsessed with nearly all of her outfits.

Here's a little collage of some of my favorites -

Outside of the top right photo of a casual sweater and jeans getup, I would probably stand in front of the mirror in any one of her other outfits and feel insanely awkward - which would inevitably transfer into me LOOKING just as uncomfortable... but she just looks adorable and effortlessly chic... and that's what I want.

So, here's what I'm taking from my time with Kendi's blog today - 
- I need a really amazing pair of brown leather boots
- My recent obsession with finding the perfect structured jacket is justified
- I should wear my turquoise tights more often... and buy several other pairs in other saturated colors
- I REALLY need to learn to curl my hair
- I should try out the knee-high socks with boots thing... when it's not 12 below zero anymore
- I made a dumb move when I put back that gray lace skirt from Target that I'd found on clearance for a measly $8 (see bottom right and center outfits on Kendi)

The great thing is that I have enough similar pieces to put together knockoffs of several of the outfits above to give this whole "style" thing a try. Obviously if I'm just copying someone else's outfits I've learned nothing as far as creating my OWN style, but let's just take baby steps here.

I put on a really cute tan-ish dress I have from H&M with my treasured turquoise tights, open black cardigan and a skinny black belt for dinner out with Dan on our last night of vacation and literally spent 20 minutes contemplating the pop of color in the tights before settling down and walking out of the hotel... maybe that was the first step in me getting just a tiny bit more bold in my wardrobe.

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